C++ battlefield communication systems developer joins the team! 
Friday, April 2, 2010 at 10:42AM
Angus Bradley in security

Olly joined our team in December 2009, and having spent a few months on our new secure document viewer, he has now passed all our employee safety checks**, and is now driving fortnightly updates to safedrop.

Olly spent the last 6 years working on complex systems for the military, and with publications like "Hyperion --- Next generation battlespace information services", and the development of battlefield communication systems behind him, we figure he’s perfect for our secure communication system. A C++ guru, Olly is very happy to be working in the warm world of Python. Olly has great security exposure, and is really helping define the future of safedrop.

** employee safety checks.
All new starts at PROJECTFUSION are security screened to the BS 7858 standard. We don’t give anyone access to the production servers until they have worked with us for at least 12 weeks. This adds an extra level of security for our clients data. Only 3 people have access to production data.

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