free upgrade - we’ve just added recipient verification to all accounts
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 9:36AM
Angus Bradley in new features, security, token security

The default security level for safedrop has just got higher. Now when you send a safedrop, any recipient will have to prove their identity before they can get it.

When they receive your message link, if they haven’t accessed safedrop on that computer before, they will be requested to enter a short text string sent by email.

Why did we do this?

safedrop is all about security. Whilst the links we send out (as with most file sharing services) are unguessable, they can often be left lying around in mailboxes or on servers, or could be forwarded on to a 3rd party, who could then open the safedrop if it hasn’t self destructed!

With safedrop, unless the recipient has access to the intended email address, they can’t get the safedrop. If you’re worried that their email may be compromised, or viewed by administrators, then use SMS security or self destruct options.

Can I turn it off?

Sure, just choose level 1, which will send a secure unguessable link. We leave it on by default, so that you don't have to think about security, it just happens.

For more information, see our help page.

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