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safedrop secure conversations

Now when you create a safedrop, you're not just sending a file, you're creating a secure conversation with the recipients. Anyone with access to the safedrop can reply, and attach files to their reply, all with high security.

Why is this exciting? Well now you request files securely from anyone. Or have a secure conversation. Or bounce a sensitive contract back and forth. 
safedrop now lets you do things you can't do with email or ftp. 
1  - Request a sensitive file
Need to ask someone for their mortgage application, or financial summary. Or password for the wifi? Send them a safedrop, and they can reply securely and even add attachments.
2 - Online Approval
I can send you a file, and you can comment on it. I can then send another, and another, until we're happy. You can approve the most recent version - your approval will be online, and in the audit trail for that safedrop. Multiple approvers? Just add them all to the safedrop.
The audit trail will contain all the comments, the approval, and the SHA checksums of every file. This trail can be kept online, printed, or filed back into your document management system. (see an example audit trail)
3 - Maintain a long term conversation
Every month I send invoices, receipts, and billing sheets to our bookkeeper on safedrop. When they request more information, I just add it to the conversation. All that months records are in one secure place.
4 - Give people access to a conversation.
I've just had a long chat with Tim on safedrop, and we've outlined a heads of agreement. I can now give my lawyer access to the drop, and she can draft a contract. She can even attach the contract to the drop, and ask Tim to approve it in the same place!

We've enabled safedrop conversations on all accounts, free and paid.

How are we doing? Let me know if there's other features you'd like to see! 

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