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6 steps to creating an extraordinary brand (stolen from the beer barons)

We're updating the interface and website for safedrop and this is a really helpful quote that's stuck on the wall in my office. 
  1. Tell a compelling story based on an undeniable brand truth
  2. Live by and refuse to compromise on your principles
  3. Have an instantly recognisable iconic look
  4. Deliver a unique relevant consistent experience
  5. Inspire people to become loyal brand champions,
  6. Deliver enduring extraordinary profits
From Lord Bilimoria (Cobra beer) who in turn got it from Molsen Coors' definition of what makes for an extraordinary brand.
I think these are great pointers, it's certainly a challenge to meet them all.

Would you add anything to the list? Any pointers for developing a great brand? 
Thanks to mechanical mole