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The benefits of home working - save cash, carbon and time

Here's some great arguments in favour of home working.

Cash Savings

According to Telework Research Network's businesses that let employees work from home half the time save £6.6k per employee yearly & shed load of carbon. For 150 employee's thats nearly £1m. Most of that is improved productivity and less sick time, but 30% of the saving is cold hard cash, electricity, office space, maintenance etc.

The employee’s save up to £4k each as well. Side benefits not mentioned include happier people and you always get the amazon deliveries when you want them! Full article:  

Work Time benefits

Stegmeier Consulting Group's 10-year research study published lots of work time benefits 

My favourite benefits?

  • A 37.6 percent reduction in the length of staff meetings
  • Managers had an average decrease in interruptions of 43.2 percent
  • Individual contributors saved an average of 6.3 hours per week in commute time
  • Individual contributors re-invested an average of 4.5 hours back into their work tasks
  • Supervisors logged an average increase of 90 minutes of planning, goal setting and strategizing per week

(The Top Benefits of a Workshifting Policy - 

Carbon benefits
By working from home half the time, a US worker would save on average $362/year, and save 53 Million metric tons of greenhouse gas. 
great summary of benefits (US Biased, in glorious pictures):


Got any other interesting research out there?

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