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yousendit vs safedrop - we're all about security

Yousendit is a great service for sending files, but we believe that in business protecting your data is paramount.  Everything about safedrop has been designed around the core principles of security and simplicity. People make mistakes, and often forget about security, so we default security levels to high.

Here's some examples of how safedrop protects you:

Recipient verification: 

Our standard security makes recipients validate themselves with an email token. yousendit offer this, but it has to be turned on, and requires recipients to have a yousendit account.

safedrop        Yousendit   (optional)


Self Destruct: 

Our self destruct option means data is destroyed on receipt, minimising the chances of a hacker gaining access.

safedrop        Yousendit X  

Account protection: 

safedrop protects senders accounts with 2 tier authentication - you need a password & email token to get in. This prevents hackers who compromise the senders email account or guess their password from accessing data. 

safedrop        Yousendit X

Have a conversation: 

Life is 2 way, not just broadcasting. Just like email, safedrop lets you send messages. People can reply, and add attachments. Everything is encrypted and audited. 

safedrop        Yousendit X


Sending a safedrop - default to high security:  

People don’t tend to think about security, so safedrop does it for you. Default security is set to high, which validates recipients, prevents passing on of data, and expires the data within a week.

safedrop        Yousendit X 

Automatic protection for employees that leave:  

All safedrop accounts require email verification to view sent data. When an employee leaves, their email account, and hence access to safedrop, will automatically stop. With yousendit, your admin team have to remember to turn off the yousendit account.

safedrop        Yousendit X

Brute force/password guessing protection: 

With safedrop, after 3 failed login attempts, you have to wait 2 minutes before you can attempt to login again. This prevents password guessing and brute force or dictionary attacks.

 safedrop        Yousendit X   

Protect with SMS:  

What if the recipients email is compromised, or someone else has somehow got access to their account? With safedrop you can protect your most sensitive information with SMS security, which requires the recipient to enter a 1 time code sent to their phone before they can view. 

safedrop        Yousendit X


We can name who has access to our servers:   

It's our expert team of 3 admins, David, Olly & Mark. They’re all security cleared to BS7858:2006 and have been working with us for ages. If you need to see copies of their individual NDA’s get in touch.

safedrop        Yousendit ?

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