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safedrop receipts 

Now when you send a safedrop you'll notice the receipt has 1 extra line:

You can monitor activity on this SafeDrop here. You can also expire the drop, or change it's expiry date.

This is actually pretty powerful - now if you want to revoke a message just click the receipt and expire it. 
It's also one handy place with a complete history of who's accessed your safedrop.

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New feature - secure message

Last week we sneaked in a new feature - secure messages. Now when you send a safedrop there’s an extra field ‘Secure Message’. The normal message gets placed in the email, and the new Secure Message will only be displayed once the recipient has got to the safedrop. If you select ‘delete on download’ they will see the message only once.

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C++ battlefield communication systems developer joins the team! 

** employee safety checks. All new starts at PROJECTFUSION are security screened to the BS 7858 standard. We don’t give anyone access to the production servers until they have worked with us for at least 12 weeks. This adds an extra level of security for our clients data. Only 3 people have access to production data.

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Storage performance comparisons between 32 bit EC2 instances

Before we migrated our service to Amazon's cloud we thought it prudent to do some raw benchmark comparisons between the two most economical instance types available in EC2. Read on for lots of graphs and numbers. The quick take - local disk should not be dallied with.

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enhancements - including the much asked for multiple files

We added multiple file uploads to the web interface. You can now send as many files as you want, which is the feature everyone's been asking for.

Also, some people were struggling with secure downloads, so before you download a secure download (one that gets deleted straight after download) a new warning box explains what's going to happen.

Lots more in the pipeline, we'll try and squeeze out another release before Christmas.

What's coming up? A new URL scheme for drops, and a simple password feature are the simplest bits, much bigger changes coming in February. We're also working on the outlook plugin.


moved to new european datacentre

today we moved safedrop to our new servers with Amazon in Europe. We've learnt a lot about EC2 and S3 along the way, and are really pleased with the speed of the service, and the high levels of security it gives us.


safedrop integrates with document bundling from zylpha

We have just integrated safedrop with Zylpha's document bundling solution.

Zylpha provide pdf bundling solutions for law firms and numerous departments of organisations in public and private sectors. Their products are super fast and easy to use, and now can all send the resulting documents using safedrop.

Products integrated with safedrop include:

DOCBINDER - general binding of any document type to a beautifully formatted pdf, complete with clickable index and slip sheets.

COURT BUNDLE - Court bundling in configurable, pre-defined formats

HIP CASE - Home information pack production.


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